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As an aeronautical engineer, pilot and intelligence analyst, I have been fascinated by the determination, courage and spirit of the early aviation pioneers as they struggled to create viable airlines in a Europe stricken by political disorder and deception. Surely excellent ingredients for historical drama. I certainly think so.

My first novel, Dark Treaty, tackles this fascinating subject, introduces the characters, and represents the first in a series of stories featuring Tom Munro, a young, ambitious pilot still scarred by his experience in the Great War. Based on actual events, the series travels through the years between the wars as the European nations seem determined to repeat the horrors of the “war to end all wars”.

Following much research for an earlier version of Dark Treaty, I decided to write a Novella which captures some of this research. The result is Letters to Louisa which I launched in June 2023. It is set in 1917/1918 and is, in effect, a prequel to Dark Treaty in which the main characters, Tom Munro and Louisa Foster, are introduced in the difficult months of 1918.

I try to ensure that each book in the Tom Munro series is stand-alone, but I feel that it will be best to read them in order, starting with Letters to Louisa, following on with Dark Treaty, then Rapallo’s Shadow, which is well on course for launch by Christmas 2023.

For those of you that like more detail about the history of the period or the aeroplanes, hit the “Author’s Notes” tab, where you will find some short articles and images which are associated with each book.

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