By William Fernie

 A decorated but troubled First World War pilot spies for the British Secret Intelligence Service and discovers one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Tom Munro is forming an airline in 1920 when he is persuaded to spy for the SIS with an enigmatic and fiercely independent agent, Alice Ferguson. He struggles with the competing demands of his budding airline and Alice’s pleas for help after one of her colleagues is brutally murdered.

Can Tom fulfil his dream to launch his airline whilst protecting Alice from becoming the next victim?

Will they live long enough to expose the secrets they uncover?

Inspired by actual events, Dark Treaty is a gripping historical drama combining the precarious nature of early aviation with the dangerous cocktail of espionage and deception that erupted in Europe after WWI.

Dark Treaty by William Fernie is available on Amazon.


Paperback and e-book


I love this genre. The action is realistic and captivating, and the story bounds along, delving into the dramatic world of early aviation and the diplomatic and political disorder of 1920s Europe.


Jan James, Peterborough, UK

An intriguing mixture of adventure and history set just after the Great War. Spies, aeroplanes and fascinating characters, what’s not to like?


Walford Richards, Hampshire, UK

A great plot with engaging characters, a new aviation venture we now take for granted, a love interest and espionage. I can’t wait for the next book in the series – 5 Stars from me.

Jon Wright, Fordingbridge, UK

I found the European storyline fascinating and informative. The politics, espionage, and characters kept me engaged throughout. I loved the ending and want to know more. Bring on the next book. I can’t wait.

Bernd Hapke, Hampshire, UK

Dark Treaty is a captivating read, detailing a relatively neglected period of history with evidence of painstaking research and attention to detail. The story of the early development of the airline industry is fascinating, and I want to know more.

Maree Walker, Salisbury, UK

A compelling and intriguing story of the emergence of commercial aviation in times of political intrigue within western Europe. Engaging characters set within a ripping yarn that will have you rooted firmly to your seat…..

Geoff James, Peterborough, UK

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