By William Fernie

In 1918 a patriotic young pilot begins to lose his nerve from the strain of relentless aerial combat. His solace is writing to a nurse he barely knows, but will this be enough to save him from his worst fear?

Tom Munro, an RAF pilot and Louisa Foster, an ambitious VAD nurse, go to war with the enthusiasm and spirit so typical of the youth of their time. However, Tom soon experiences the cruel and disturbing reality of war. His courage and spirit fade due to relentless aerial combat and the constant threat of violent death. Tormented by a near-fatal crash in no-mans-land, he finds solace in writing to Louisa about his experience, but will their exchange of letters be enough to maintain his spirit, and will he be able to hold his nerve until the war’s end?

Based on actual events in the final year of WWI, Letters to Louisa is a fusion of letters and prose which portray the demanding and troubling life of a Bristol Fighter pilot and the difficult work of a VAD nurse at a hospital in France. Their exchange of letters illustrates the nascent love which develops between Tom and Louisa, but will this sustain them, and how will they feel when and if they meet again after the war?

Letters to Louisa by William Fernie is available on Amazon.


Paperback and e-book

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